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How to start?
First steps – how to create a survey and conduct the research?
First steps – how to create a survey and conduct the research?
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The following article will briefly present the process of creating a survey at platform. It will explain the possibilities of the website and give an idea of ​​where the options are and what they are responsible for. In each of the paragraphs you will also find links to a more detailed description of a given function.

  1. To add a survey, you will need to register at You can do this by selecting the option: Start free Trial, on the main page of the website.

  2. After selecting the type of account and registering, an activation link will be sent to your e-mail address. Thanks to this link we will confirm your e-mail address. Now there is nothing else to do but use this e-mail to log in to your account and start creating the survey.

Create a project

After logging in, fill the welcome survey, and then click on "New project".

In the next step you will be asked to choose the type of questionnaire and give it the right title. You may create new survey from the scratch, or use one of our survey templates:

Click on "Create empty" and pick, which type of survey you want to create:

  • survey,

  • feedback widget,

  • knowledge test/quiz

Then, give your project a name:

And click on "Begin" - from that moment you are able to add your own questions to your project.

How could you navigate your account?

The following picture shows the interface of your account, which has six main tabs, each of which is responsible for a different stage of your research:

  • Create – responsible for creating surveys, logic settings and sorting.

  • Design – responsible for the choice of the color scheme and logotype of the questionnaire.

  • Settings – containing all survey settings

  • Collect – responsible for download the survey link and various distribution options.

  • Results – a tab in which you will find results and which allows you to analyze them. To run the test, you have to pass each of the above sections. How to do it, we describe below.

  • Reports – a place where you can create a personalized report from the surveys and tests.

  • Download Center - a place where you can download all previously generated reports.

The first step – questions addition

The possibilities that will appear in this section are related to creating and editing your questionnaire.

The content of the survey is created at the level of the „Create” tab. Detailed information on the available types and templates of questions and the very stage of their creation can be found in the „Questions addition” guide.

When the questionnaire is ready, it’s time to go to the next option: „Setting (tab) -> Survey settings”, through which you can specify, for example, who will have access to your questionnaire.

Once you have correctly defined the „Survey settings”, in the next step you can personalize the appearance of your survey, so that it completely reflects the character of your organization. You can put in the logo, set the font color, and even its background. You can read about how to do this in our article: „Your own logotype and colors of the questionnaire”.

If your research requires a representative group of respondents thanks to the „quotas” option and instructions posted at this address, this will not be a problem for you.

After completing the questionnaire, it is worth checking how it will look in the eyes of the respondent. The „Test completion” option was created just for that. You can fill in without fear, because your fill will not be added to the aggregate results.

And if you want to help yourself by collecting results in a traditional paper way or you need to archive a questionnaire, the option „Download survey” will allow you to export a survey to the WORD program or to PDF format. As a result, you will be able to print your questionnaire.

Second step – collecting results

After completing the survey, go to the Share tab, which is responsible for issues related to the distribution of the survey.

The button for launching the survey and a link to it can be found in the „Survey link” tab. In addition, here you can edit your link to a more friendly one by including it in one of the five available domains. The Startquestion features will also allow you to place a survey in the domain of your company – for detailed information on this topic, see the article: Your company’s domain survey.

Send via email is a section thanks to which the questionnaire will be sent to the e-mail addresses of your respondents. What’s more, Startquestion allows you to send a message from your own e-mail address – how to do this in this article.

The “iframe” tab will allow you to post a survey on your own website.

And finally – data analysis

The section is responsible for the presentation and analysis of the collected results in your survey.

In the "Results” tab you will find a summary of all collected responses. The results are visible both in quantitative and percentage terms. Remember that you don’t have to wait for the test to finish to see the answers. The results will appear just after the first respondent completes the survey.

Export of results will be possible after selecting the option „Results” and then „Export”. In addition, two reports are available for download – in pdf or docx formats.

The „Set filter” option will allow you to analyze the collected results according to your criteria, starting from the range of dates in which the respondents filled out the survey, ending with answers provided by the respondent.

The option „Responses” will allow you to view the answer in a unitary way. You can also export or delete a single sheet here.

Do you want to check the dependencies between specific answers? The „Cross table” function in this case will work perfectly well.

Scheduled reports” available in the Results tag, allows you to send a survey report without the need to export it every time – so that the report will be waiting for you and not you for the report.

The Download tab - you will find all generated reports.

Worth to remember

  • The functionalities that are described in the above article may vary in many availability – depending on the type of account you have.

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