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Your own logotype and colors of the questionnaire
Your own logotype and colors of the questionnaire
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Professional and aesthetic appearance is the basis for a good survey. If you set a logotype and colors compatible with your company’s or brand’s colors, respondents will gain a lot more confidence in the questionnaire and will undoubtedly be more likely to participate in your research.

By default, in each newly created questionnaire, the Startquestion theme is presented. However, you can change it using the theme you created yourself. Moreover, you can create several themes and use the right look for your research in different projects.

If our color-changing tool offers you too little option, you can include your own CSS spreadsheet in the survey, which allows you to modify all questionnaire elements.

How to change the color of the survey theme?

  1. Click the Design tab:

2. In the „Themes” section, you can choose one of the ready themes or create your own.

Hovering over one of the ready templates will expand the buttons, allowing its editing, copying, or deleting. Clicking on the theme will set the theme on the current survey and enable you to preview the survey.

You can check how your survey looks on PC, mobile, and tablet using the buttons in the top right corner:

After selecting one of the options, a simulation of the graphic layout for our survey will be displayed:

Your own graphic design – how to create it?

  1. Click Design, and then "New (+)".

This will display the theme creator. The wizard is interactive and easy to use. Just click on the selected survey element to edit its appearance.

2. On the left side of the wizard, we can change the theme's name, font, logo, background image, and color of items in the questionnaire.

Each element can be changed in a window displayed after clicking. For example:

3. Startquestion allows you to choose the color of the questionnaire from the color palette or to upload a graphic file that will form the survey's background. In addition, it is possible to set the transparency of the background. There is also an option to enter the exact color in the field in hexadecimal format or to find it using the sliders.

The background can also be stretched if you want to match the graphic background to the screen resolution.

5. To change the logo or header, click on the setting icon next to the "Logo". The logo editing window will appear. The width of the logo should be a max of 990 px; height is not determined, but it should go well with the width.

6. To change the color of the survey title and progress bar, click on the setting icon next to the item you want to change.

Although the colors are represented by a hexadecimal designation, clicking on the color to be changed will display the color palette again.

7. Clicking on the survey questionnaire section will display a color selection window for survey questions and answers.

You can freely choose the colors of each element of the content of the various questions.

8. Any changes made to the created theme are not saved automatically. You need to click the "Save" button on the bottom left side of the wizard.

9. For advanced users, there is also the option to paste a custom CSS stylesheet.

With this option, you can further customize the appearance of the survey to your needs.

Worth remembering:

  • The system allows you to place one graphic file with the logo in the header. However, if you need to insert more than 1 logo, you can easily „cheat the system” by preparing a graphic file containing any number of logos and uploading it as the logo of this file.

  • The graphic design of the survey can be changed at any time during the survey.

  • Once created theme, you can use all surveys created in your account.

  • If you have applied the theme in many of your surveys and changed the logo in this theme, the changes will be visible in all surveys using the theme.

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