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A survey in your company’s Internet domain
A survey in your company’s Internet domain
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If you want your survey to be placed in a domain other than, it is possible in our platform. How? For example, by attaching it to the domain of your organization. This function is aimed primarily at increasing the level of credibility of the questionnaire in the eyes of respondents. After completing the steps described in this article, your survey will be available, for example, at this address:

How to add a new domain?

  1. To add a domain, you must go to the „Share” -> „Survey link”, and then in the section Custom domain enter the name of your domain, e.g.

  2. After entering the domain name, click „Add domain”.

3. The next step is to delegate your subdomain with the help of the CNAME record, which value should contain "".

4. Please note that changes made to your domain settings will not be visible immediately. The propagation of these changes in DNS servers can take up to several hours. In order for the survey to be activated under the chosen domain, this one has to pass positively through three stages:

  • appropriate settings at the user account level

  • correct registration at your domain service

  • verification on the website

5. After adding the domain name, the correctness of the delegation on the side of the Startquestion administrators is verified.

6. In case you no longer want to use a given domain or entered an incorrect name, you can always delete it from your account by clicking „Delete domain”.

7. To speed up the verification process, you can inform us about the fact of registering a subdomain to

How to connect the questionnaire with the domain?

When our domain has been positively verified by the Startquestion administrator, we can start connecting our surveys to a given domain.

  1. To do this, select our survey from the list of projects and go to the „Collect” tab. Then click on „Link to the survey”, in the section Custom domain select from the list of added domains the one we are interested in and click „Generate link”.

2. Once you link the survey with your domain, the generated link will appear in the „Survey link” field.

3. You can also link other surveys with a previously added domain. You can do this by selecting the questionnaire from the list, and then perform the previously described steps again.

4. For example, if the main survey is located at, the additional survey will be posted at

Domain management

  1. The user has the opportunity to view all his added domains and their surveys connected to them in one place. To go to management click on the „Custom domain in the „Manage domains” button

2. In that place, you can add a new domain and link the survey to a given domain.

3. In the domain management panel you can also change the binding of a given survey to another research project by clicking „change” or delete a given domain.

4. You can also delete the domain by clicking the trash can icon.

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