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What elements of the questionnaire and thank you screen can be changed
What elements of the questionnaire and thank you screen can be changed
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Remember that each of your surveys may differ from the previous one not only by questions, but also by the appearance or thanks for completing it. The survey editor allows you to change both the appearance of the survey itself or the way questions are displayed, but also to change the thank-you screen that appears after completing the survey.

To learn how to change the logotype or skin of the survey, go to the article „Your own logotype and colors of the questionnaire„. Also, you can find out how to change the order of questions in the questionnaire in the article “Change the order of questions or pages in a survey.”

The thank you screen for completing the survey can be changed in many ways. The basic way is to change the thank you text or add pictures or links. For more information on basic thank-you changes, see the article: „Thank you page after completing the survey.” However, the thank-you screen may take other forms, such as website, video or audio. After completing the survey, you can also be redirected to another survey.

How to change the thank you screen after completing the survey?

1. When you finish adding survey questions, select Create again, then go to the Thank You page and click Edit in the upper right corner.

2. The content of the thank you text block can be edited by clicking the wand in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. After clicking, an advanced content editor will appear, thanks to which you can create various thank-you pages. It allows you to insert various types of images, video from YouTube or Vimeo.

4. In addition to inserting media from other websites, it is also possible to paste any HTML, which allows you to embed various thank-you pages. To do it click on <> sign.

Worth to remember:

  • The thank-you screen can be edited at any time during the survey, or afterwards

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