Have you already created the entire questionnaire, but realised that the order of the questions is not correct? In Startquestion.com you can change it - in a very simple way. The correct order of questions and a clear division of the questionnaire into pages may positively affect its transparency, "friendliness" and the ease of filling it in by the respondent.

How to change the order of questions / pages?

1. In the top main menu, click projekt list, and then select the questionnaire / survey in which we would like to change the order of the questions or pages.

2. On the left, select the Create tab.

3. If we are interested in sorting the questions, click the Sorting Questions, and when its sorting the pages - Sorting pages.

4. Click on the question / page you would like to move and "drag" it to the selected place in the sheet, and then "drop" it at the desired point in the survey.

5. When the sorting is ready, we approve the changes by selecting Finish sorting questions or Finish sorting pages.

6. Additionally, you can change the order of the questions directly in the CREATE tab, when you hover over a question, 6 dots will appear in the upper left corner of the question. After left-clicking and holding, we can drag the question anywhere in the survey.

What is worth remembering?

  • The order of the questions or pages is best arranged in a logical and thoughtful way, because it translates into the transparency of the survey.

  • We can make changes to the order of the questions and pages at any time during the survey, and even after its completion.

  • You can use the page sorting to move questions between pages.

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