Thank you page is a very important element of absolutely every survey. It is placed at the very end, demonstrating two very important things – respect for the respondent and professionalism of the study.

How can I change the text on thank you page?

1. After you finish adding questions, stay on the Create tab (1)

2. Move the slider to the very bottom of the page and move the cursor on the default text on the thank you page: „Thank you for completing the survey”, this will make the Edit form field appeared in the upper right corner (2).

3. Click Edit, then enter any thank you text in the field (3), then confirm the changes by clicking Save (6), or discard them by selecting Cancel (5).

Worth to remember:

  • Thanking for completing the survey indicate respect for the respondent. It’s also a great way to inform him why the study he participated in is so important.

  • Acknowledgments can be edited at any time during the survey, as well as after its completion.

  • Clicking on the icon (4) enables extended editing of thanks, including inserting pictures and formatting the text.

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