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Filtering the results (Results 2.0)
Filtering the results (Results 2.0)
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In the Results 2.0 tab, you can filter the results, which will allow you to quickly analyze selected questions and answers.

Filter by answer

In the Results 2.0 tab, select All answers. A window will appear in which you can select a specific question from the list and filter the results by the answer you are interested in. You can select as many answers as you like.

If you want to add another question to the filter, click the Add button.

After selecting your questions and answers, click Apply. You will see survey results that meet the range of the selected filter.

Filter by time

In the Results 2.0 tab, select All time. You can filter by different survey completion periods. This may be, for example, the last 30 days, the current or the previous week.

You can also select a range since a specific date to today.

Or filter between the date range.

Filter by survey completeness

In the Results 2.0 tab, both fully and partially completed results are presented. If you want to change this view, you can use a filter that changes the scope of the data. Click More Filters and select Survey Completeness.

Select which survey results you want to filter and click Apply.

Filter by respondent attributes and other additional information

If your survey uses various previously created parameters to identify respondents, you can filter the results based on them.

Click More Filters. You can filter by available tags. After selecting this option, a list of your tags will appear, which you can also find using the search box.

If you use respondent attributes, you can easily filter the answers and select respondents with the appropriate attribute. Your attribute list will contain all the attributes you have added in a given survey.

Filter by the External Key parameter is also available. Click the External Key button.

Just enter the appropriate parameter value and click Apply.

Similarly, you can filter the results by a specific Email address by clicking the Email button and entering the appropriate address.

Filter in the question

You don't have to apply a global filter, you can also apply a filter only to the selected question. Click on the Filter button on the right side of the answer box.

Select the filter you want to apply to the question. You can filter by response, time, survey completeness and respondent attributes.

Information about the use of a filter in a question will appear both in a specific question and in global filters.

Filters in a question also work with global filters applied to the entire survey.

Create a quick filter in Results 2.0

There is also a quick filter in Results 2.0 that allows you to filter directly from the answers.

A green funnel icon will appear on the right side of the selected answer - a quick filter. Click on the funnel to create a filter based on a given answer.

Other filters can be added to it. If another filter has already been applied, the results will be filtered by all filters used so far.

Saving filters

You can save your report with filters applied. Click New report on the right side of the screen.

Save the report under any name.

You can find saved reports by clicking Results.

Removing filters

To remove all global filters, click the x icon next to selected filters.

To remove a filter in a question, similarly click on the x icon next to selected filters.

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