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What is a feedback widget / popup survey?
What is a feedback widget / popup survey?
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A feedback widget is a survey which is displayed on your website and its purpose is to collect feedback from the users as they move around the website. Its pros are primarily:

  • the speed of launching (you do not need to collect a database, obtain approvals, search for respondents - you ask users of your website)

  • it is easy to run (you configure everything in Startquestion, without the need to always involve the IT department)

  • the exceptional effectiveness (high fill-to-answer ratio)

  • the high targeting possibilities (displaying only to the users who meet certain criteria)

First run

In order to run the survey, it is necessary to place a special script on the website once. You can do it yourself, if you have the appropriate permissions, for example, by using the Google Tag Manager, or by transfering it to your IT department. The operation itself is as simple as copy-paste and should not take more than a dozen minutes. No matter how many surveys you create, they all use the same script, so you do not have to repeat this step for each new survey - you only need to do it once.

Managing the surveys

After installing the script, by using the Startquestions panel, you can start and end surveys yourself, change the content of the questions and set rules for displaying the survey (targeting specific users or specific pages). All the changes you make are automatically updated on your site and the script remains the same. This means you can freely edit questions and display rules without involving your IT department.


Our script displaying the survey allows you to decide to whom and where to diplay the survey. You do not need to be a programmer to set this up. Select on which pages the survey should appear, when (immediately or, for example, after scrolling halfway through the page) and to whom (for example, the new users or only the existing customers). You can also combine rules into groups to create more advanced combinations.

What is next?

If you want to start researching your users, check out the articles, which will help you in setting up:

First run

Appearance customisation

The display rules

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