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For the widget to work properly, you only need to download and install the code once. You can adjust any rules according to which the widget should appear on the website from the interface level. This allows convenient and quick management of rules thanks to which the widget is presented to the website users. On the Share tab in 3 simple steps, you can define where, to whom and how to display the survey on the WWW page.

Where to display

At this point, we have 2 options:

On all pages where the Startquestion code is present

By choosing this option, the survey will appear wherever the widget code downloaded from the INSTALLATION tab has been inserted.

On selected pages

This rule ensures that the widget will appear only if there is a selected phrase in the URL of the page being viewed or it is equal to the given address.

Additionally, we can define two different conditions related to the URL address, where in one rule it specifies the value on the basis of which the widget should appear and the other condition DO NOT DISPLAY if the URL address is equal or contains a different value.

Who should see the survey?

All visitors on the site

By selecting this option, the survey will appear for everyone who accesses the page.

Visitors meeting the rules:

  • Cookie content - display the widget by entering the name and value of the cookie

  • The previous page URL - allows to display the widget if the URL of the previous page is equal / different, etc. to the value entered by the user.

  • The time on the entire site - define the time after which the survey should be displayed to the respondent (in seconds) from entering the website. The rule applies to the time spent on the entire website, including its subpages.

  • User visited - set the number of pages to be visited by the user during a single visit so that the widget with the survey is displayed on his screen.

  • The JavaScript code will return TRUE - here you can insert the Javascript code which will return TRUE and start the survey. Here you also decide, every how many seconds the code should run.

The display on devices

In this section, you can choose on which devices the survey should appear.

  • All

  • Desktop only

  • Mobile only

The survey behavior

Start displaying

In this part of the settings you have one of the following options:

  • Immediately after the user enters the website

  • Once the visitor has spent on the current page ... - Specify the time (in seconds) after which the survey should be displayed on the page. For example: 10 seconds after entering the page, yentered by you in the "Where to display?" section.

  • When the user has scrolled the page ... - Specify the percentage or number of pixels which must be scrolled down in order for the survey to be displayed on the page. Example: 50% - then the survey will be displayed half way through the page.

  • The user wants to leave the page - Display the survey when the user wants to leave your page, which means, leaves the cursor outside the upper area of the visible page.

Display frequency

  • Display until user completes the survey - Display the survey when the user wants to leave your page, which means, moves the cursor beyond the top of the visible page.

  • Display survey only once

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