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In the following article you will learn how to install the web survey code on your website and how to run your first project. The one-time installation of the code will allow you to later manage your research from the level of the Startquestion interface, without the need to involve the IT department in launching a new project, changing questions and settings or completing the data collection.

How to create a survey on a website?

1. Click on the green "Create project" button

2. Select the "Create Empty" option

3. Then select the "Feedback Pop-up" and enter your title - in this case we will name the project "Customer Satisfaction" - when finished, click the "Start" button.

4. After creating the project, you will see the survey creation panel - click on the "Add an introduction or a question" button to add your first question:

The types of questions which are offered in the survey on the website are available in this article.

5. After adding the questions, we have created a sample survey project on the website:

There are two more things you need to do in order to activate the survey:
- enable the collection of the results and define who we will display the survey to,
- install the code on the site.

Activate the collection of the results

1. Go to the Share tab and move the "Activate results collection" button

2. Next, define the rule for which the survey should be displayed. You can choose from the options shown in the picture:

In this case, we assume that we would like to display the survey wherever the code has been installed on the website.

Placing the code on the website

In order to install the widget on your website, go to the Account tab -> Settings -> Widget code:

There will be 3 options for installing the code on the website - the standalone installation, commissioning the installation to your IT department with a ready-made message and an installation via the Google Tag Manager.

In this case, we will use the installation option by self-pasting the code on the page.

Select the "Paste the survey code yourself" option and add the generated code to the <head> section on your WWW site.

After uploading the code, the survey will be displayed in the lower right corner of the page:

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