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Webhook for shortening the survey link
Webhook for shortening the survey link
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It is possible to shorten the link to your survey. A webhook is a URL requested using another IT system or opened in an ordinary browser.

The form of the URL is as follows:[id_account]/[webhook_key]/[webhook_auth]/[webhook_name]?id_survey=123456&additional_parameters


  • id_account - ID of your account on the Startquestion platform. To get to know your contact ID, please contact us

  • webhook_key and webhook_auth - Webhook key and authorization. Parameters are available after logging in to the user account in the tab Account -> Settings -> Integrations. After generating the keys, you will receive their values.

  • webhook_name - in this case it's shorten-link

  • id_survey - ID of the survey whose link we want to shorten

  • additional_parameters - additional optional parameters for request of the survey

An example form of a URL with additional parameters sent as GET is:

The above Webhook will shorten the link to the character:


To obtain parameter values, id_survey , please contact us at

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