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Tokens are access codes which can be used for two purposes:

1. when we want to associate the filling with a specific respondent whose data we have,

2. when we want to be sure that each respondent completes the questionnaire only once.

The simplest example of the first application is a situation in which we have e-mail addresses of customers and send them a request to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire on this e-mail address. After analysing the fillings, we can single out dissatisfied customers, associate negative responses with emails, and take further steps to improve satisfaction. In addition, we can also categorise our respondents by adding additional information to the e-mails, such as, for example, a branch or a region (for more information, see the article about labels).

Choosing to access the survey with tokens ensures that the survey will be completed only once by the same person.

The following article describes the configuration of the tokens for the purpose of sending them later via e-mail via the Startquestion mechanism. If you want to distribute the tokens in a different way (for example print or download the export for mail merge), we invite you to the article about exporting the tokens.

How to configure a survey with the token?

1. The first step is to select the "Project" tab, and then select the survey title .

2. The next step is go to the "CREATE" -> "Survey settings" tab. Find in the form field menu the Access and then click to select the form field Personal link for each respondent. (As many links with tokens as the number of respondents)

3. Select the Identification of respondents (this option allows you to connect the respondent with the survey he/she completed) by clicking On, or select Off if you want the survey to remain anonymous.

4. Then decide whether the links are to be disposable or reusable (more on this topic later in the article)

5. Also, specify the validity period of the links. After this time has elapsed, it will no longer be possible to fill in the survey with the unique links. The default value is 30 days.

6. To confirm the changes, at the bottom of the Survey Settings menu, click the Save button.

7. When the survey settings are properly configured, go to the "Collect" tab and select the "Send to e-mail" option.

8. Then choose the way in which the contacts will be added by you
a) Import from file
b) Enter manually
c) Send via FreshMail

Import from file

1. When choosing the "Import from file" option, a window with instructions on how to prepare the file will appear.

2. If you only have email addresses in your file, include them in the first column. If your contacts are also labeled, include them in the following columns, as in the example presented.
Thanks to this solution, you can also add your own token for each respondent from the contact list, which will be used automatically instead of generating them by the system.
All you need to do is to create a Token column in the file you import and assign a valid (unique, alphanumeric, 6-character) token to each e-mail address, which will then be assigned to a given respondent in the system.

3. After preparing the file, select the "Select CSV or XLSX file from the disc" button

4. After performing all the above mentioned steps correctly, select the "Add" option. Remember that the file import time depends on its size and the number of contacts.

5. The imported file with contacts looks like in the example presented below.

6. On the left side there are the respondents' e-mail addresses, and on the right side there are generated individual tokens which will be sent to the respondent in the survey URL.

7. A single respondent together with the token can be removed by selecting the trash bin icon next to the generated code.

8. We can also remove all the respondents, along with tokens by selecting the button under the contact list - "Remove all"

Enter manually

1. By clicking on the "Enter manually" option, a window will appear in which you enter your e-mail address in the clear field.

2. After entering the respondent's e-mail address, we can add another address using the "Add" option, or finish adding them by clicking on the "Finish" option.

If you have previously imported a file with contacts or created a contact list with labels, also when adding manually, it will be possible to provide all the data corresponding to the created labels.

In the next steps, it will only be necessary to configure the dispatch of the invitations. You will learn how to do it here

What is worth remembering?

  • The survey with a personal link for each respondent allows access to the survey only to authorised persons,

  • The token in personal links only allows the respondent to open the survey once (see how to let respondents postpone the survey),

  • personal link for each respondent can only be set when the survey has not been used before (as long as no results have been collected by it).

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