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The Report creator in Results 2.0 allows you to easily customize your report to suit your needs. With this tool, you can quickly change the colors and types of charts, giving them an interesting look. Additionally, you can add text blocks and select only the results you want to share by deleting some blocks or filtering the results.

Changing the color of charts

Click on the fill color icon on the right. You can choose ready-made color sets or create your own, to do this, click on the gear icon and then on Add colors.

You can also add and remove selected colors and save your pattern for reuse.

Changing the type of charts

Click the Options button located in the right part of the answer field.

Various display options are available, you can decide whether you want to show the results only in a chart or in a table.

Depending on the question type, it is possible to change to a different type of chart.

Here you can also change the colors of the chart for a given question or select whether the chart should be in single color.

Changing the order of answers in the table

There are small arrows in each column of the table, thanks to which you can change the order of the answers, e.g. arrange them so that the first one is the one with the most answers.

You can click both the arrows and the entire gray column.

Changing the question label

If your question is very long, you can change its content in the report. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the response box and select Change labels.

A text box will appear where you can enter the changed text. The label will be saved automatically.

Additionally, in the response Trend and Cross Tabulation, you can also change the label describing the first column in the table below the chart. In the case of a cross tabulation, this will be a change to the label of the second question.

Changing the order and layout of questions

If you want to improve the readability of your report, you can place two answer blocks next to each other or change the order of the questions. Click on the gear wheel and then on Edit the Layout of the report.

You will see blocks with the content of the questions. Place your mouse cursor on a given block to drag it to any place.
To narrow a block, click on Narrow block in the right corner. You can also delete a question here.

Once you have narrowed the two blocks, you can place them next to each other.

If you do not want to edit the layout, click Discard Changes. To save the new layout, click New Report. The report layout looks like this:

Adding a text block

If you want to complete your report with comments about the results or other information that will help with your analysis, you can use a text block. Click the Add text block icon.

It offers various options for editing text, changing the font size, adding a list or hyperlink. To see the options, type '/' in the text box.

Double-click on the text or select it, another window will open with available editing options.

A text block can be added both before and below the answers.

Duplicating text blocks and questions

Each question and text block can be duplicated to make it easier to show changes, for example in one question depending on the filters used. Click on the three dots icon in the right part of the text field or answer field and select Duplicate.

Deleting text blocks and questions

To delete a text block or question, click on the three dots icon in the right part of the text field or answer field and select Delete.

Saving a question as an image

If you want to save a question with answers in the form of an image, so that you can quickly add it, e.g. to a presentation, click on the three dots icon in the right part of the answer field and select Save as image. The image will be saved in PNG format.

Saving reports

If you have created your own dedicated report, the only remaining step is saving the changes. To do this, click the 'New report' button in the upper right corner.

Save the report under any name.

After saving, your reports will be available by clicking the 'Results' tab.

You can select a previously created report from the drop-down list. The 'Results' report is the default report.

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