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Whitelabel - what is this function about?
Whitelabel - what is this function about?
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What does the white label look like?

White label surveys on Startquestion have all information about the software manufacturer removed. The tool looks like a tool created directly by the client.

Information about Startquestion appears in three places:


You can find a small Startquestion logo on the footer of each survey you create on the platform:

Invitation to complete the survey

You can also find the logo in the footer of the e-mail invitation that you will send via the platform:

If you use other e-mail marketing tools to send messages, information about the Startquestion platform will not appear.

Popup survey on the website (widget)

You can also find the logo in the survey footer on the website (the so-called Widget)

What can I change in survey design without Whitelabel?

Regardless of this small logo, you can always:

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