The ability to create survey reports is one of the most important functions of the Startquestion platform. Thanks to it, the user has the access to all the collected results or to selected answers, if he/she decides, for example, to create a report on the basis of a filter. What's more - these results are presented in a graphically attractive (tables, charts) and legible way and can be immediately presented to superiors, colleagues or published on the official website of the company or the researcher.

However, sometimes the study requires that its results are reviewed on an ongoing basis and the information contained in the reports as up-to-date as possible. This is what the LIVE report option is for, in which the survey results are available "live" - without re-generating them manually. The repeat generation of the report takes place only when the user opens the report, and more than 5 minutes have passed from the last generation to the opening.

How to create a LIVE report?

The live report is an extension of generating the HTML reports. The option is available when generating a report to a file - when selecting an HTML report, a checkbox is visible which allows you to activate it (you can read about how to create reports for a file in a separate article).

In the list of reports to a file, this type is indicated by the icon with the word "LIVE".

How does the LIVE reporting feature work?

It all depends on how much time elapsed between generating a new LIVE report and opening it:

1. If more than 5 minutes have passed:

  • After clicking on the LIVE report in the list of reports and opening the report page in a new tab, the navigation bar (at the bottom of the page) will display information that the report is being generated and the date and time of the last update.

  • When the report has been generated successfully, the user will see a message stating that the report has been generated. After refreshing, it will have access to the current results.

2. If less than 5 minutes have passed:

ยท After clicking on the LIVe report on the list of reports and opening it, the navigation bar (at the bottom of the page) shows only the date and time of the last update.

What is worth knowing:

  • In addition to creating a LIVE report, there is also an option to create the so-called public report.

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