Exporting the report
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If your report is already finished, you should export it. To do this, click on the 'Export report' button on the report editing screen or directly on the report list screen.

The report can be generated in one of the popular formats:

  • an online report - in the form of a link which makes it possible to quickly distribute the report and view it in the browser's window

  • report to a PDF file - a traditional form, ideal when you need to download and store a file on your computer.

Regardless of the chosen form, the report is ready for printing.

After starting the export, the report will go to a generator on our server. The time it takes to generate a report depends a lot on the complexity of your report, but it usually takes a few minutes or less. Then you will be able to download it from the "Downloads"

The report is always generated on the basis of the results which were collected at the time of starting the generation. If you create a report in a project which is still collecting results, the report content will change dynamically. For this, we display the Status of the results column with the exact day and time when the 'Export' button was clicked.

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