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This option allows the respondent to stop solving the survey, and at the same time to resume its completion at any time. This function turns out to be very useful - especially when it comes to very long questionnaires.

How to allow respondents to postpone completing the survey?

1. Click Create and then select Survey Settings.

2. In the menu, search the "While completing the survey" menu, and then click to select the option Respondents may save progress and come back later.

3. Confirm the changes made by clicking Save at the end of the menu regarding the survey settings or go straight to collecting the results.

4. The effect of such settings is the possibility of the respondent returning to solving the survey at any time chosen by him (as long as the data collection is not completed).

5. To be able to postpone the survey, click on the POSTPONE pause symbol (this button is located on the bottom of the screen)

6. When the respondent clicks on the indicated button, he or she will be redirected to a page with a link. Its use allows you to return to solving the survey at any time.

7. It is also possible to return to solving the survey directly using the Resume the completion now button.

What is worth remembering?

· If the survey is access with a personal link to each respondent and the respondent will postpone it, he or she may also return to it by clicking on the original link he/she received. Based on the token, the respondent will be identified and transferred exactly to the place where he/she left the survey.

· This option is especially useful for long surveys, as they may cause the boredom effect of the respondents.

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