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How to generate tokens offline?
How to generate tokens offline?
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The self-distribution module is available only in surveys with enabled generation of an individual link to be completed for each respondent. This option allows you to generate any number of access codes and transfer them in a different way than by sending the invitations via Startquestion.

Tokens can be generated from the Share --> Custom distribution tab.

There are 2 options:

I. Generate empty tokens
II. Import from a file

Generate empty tokens - this option can be useful if you want to distribute the link to the survey and tokens separately and you want to identify the respondents.

Click on Generate empty tokens and enter the number of tokens you would like to generate

You can export these tokens to the xlsx and csv formats

II. Import from a file is an option for people who have an e-mail list of respondents.

After importing such a list, the tokens and unique study links will be automatically generated.
After exporting such a list, it is enough to send ready links for the study.

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