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The reporting module allows you to create your own reports and summaries based on all or selected results of a particular study.

Wizard is the place where all created reports are located. The report is always created within one project. The number of reports created is unlimited – You are able to create as many as you need.

Cyclic reports allow you to create reports that will be sent periodically, for example: daily, 1 x a week or 1 x a month to a designated group of recipients.

If we have already created reports and run its export then we will be able to download the report in the Downloads tab. This is the place where all the reports you have generated (see Export Report) are located. The status of a report file can have three states:

  • Ready – (as the one above) when the report was successfully generated. You can download it by clicking on the icon next to it

  • Waiting – the report is being generated.

  • Failed – an error occurred while generating the report. Our system will try again and we will contact you to remedy this if the problem is repeated.

Please, note:

The report is always generated based on the results that were collected at the time of the start of generation. If you create a report in a project that is still collecting results, the content of the report will dynamically change. To do this, we display the Result Status column with the exact day and time at which the 'Export’ button was clicked.

The report editing screen allows you to create report content and manage the distribution of results. The report consists of three main sections:

  • Introduction – there is a logo, title, table of contents and place for your introduction to the report.

  • Chapters – in them you analyze your chosen results. You can change the name of the chapter by clicking on it.

  • Attachments – if there are open answers in your results, they will be placed at the end of the report.

On the left side there are additional settings. The bottom bar has a button for exporting the report (see: Export report).


All changes in the report are saved automatically, you don’t need to save it manually.

Additionally, all the knowledge about recurring reports You will find in separate article.

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