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Alerts after completions in accordance with the filter
Alerts after completions in accordance with the filter
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The Startquestion platform allows sending e-mail notifications about completing the survey, in accordance with specific conditions (eg when the respondent marked 0 on the NPS scale). This feature allows you to independently determine the content of the message sent and to indicate email addresses to which the notification will be sent.

Thanks to this option:

  • Not only the author of the questionnaire but also other persons indicated by the user of the account may receive a notification about the completed survey;

  • the message doesn’t have to be sent each time the questionnaire is completed, but only if the completion will refer to exactly the conditions defined earlier by us.

Alerts configuration

1. Filter the results of the survey.

In order to be able to set an alert, it is necessary to set up a survey results filter, which means to define the conditions under which the data will be taken into account in the subsequent configuration of the notification message itself. Detailed information on how to set the filter can be found in this article.

2. Adding an alert.

Alert as an e-mail

In the „Create” tab, click the „Alerts and Webhooks” button and then „Create a new alert”.

A form will appear to configure the alert dispatch.

First specify the name of the notification. Remember that the name of the alert is also the title of the e-mail.

The next step is to determine when the system should verify the data of completion and send an alert – after completing the questionnaire by the respondent or after saving the changes made in the given response.

If the first option is selected, the alert will be sent when the respondent completes the survey in accordance with the specified filter. The second option is additional verification of completions, which are modified by the author of the survey from the „Results” -> „Responses” tab. If you make changes to the response to those that correspond to the specified filter – the system will send an alert about this completion.

Sometimes it happens that the data completed by the respondent is then verified and changed. This mainly applies to spelling errors or the need to remove obscene words. Detailed information on how to modify individual responses can be found in this article.

After making some changes to the response, you may find that the completing is eligible for the filter you specify for sending notifications. In such a situation, it is also worth to mark the second option – then we will receive notifications in the case of modifications of completed questionnaires.

You must also specify the condition for sending a notification, and precisely indicate the filter, on the basis of which the system will verify the completion and send an alert.

If you have several survey results filters saved, you need to set up several alerts. One alert can be sent after specifying one condition (one filter).

In the „Recipients” field, enter the email addresses of the people to whom the notification should be sent. If the alert should only be sent to you, just enter your e-mail address. However, if you want the message about completion to be sent to other people, add addresses separating them from each other with a semicolon or comma.

Alert as a webhook

If your application has the appropriate endpoint issued, i.e. a URL that can be referenced in a structured way, then you can provide the alert with a webhook.

You are also able to send alerts as a webhook. In this case, we need to provide a page url and alert data that can be sent to the webhook.

This is how an example of a webhook passed to passed to

Alert on Slack

You can also send an alert to the popular Slack messenger.

To send alerts to Slack, please click on the „from this link” link:

Then add the application name and choose the used Workspace

After creating the application, it should be from the Incoming Webhooks tab select the incoming webhook integration option

After selecting the channel, click the Add Incoming Webhooks Integration option

After adding this integration you will receive a link to the webhook:

After entering this address to the Webhook Slack Address, adding the channel and clicking Save, alerts will come to the channel indicated on Slack

The last step is to determine the content of the message being sent.

The system message automatically appears, but you can make changes to it in accordance with your needs and create your own notification content that will be sent to the people indicated above.

In the message you create, you can use existing macros by inserting them into the message.

If some data is important to you, you can specify it in the very message you receive by placing specific macros in the email:

  • „Survey title” – in the message you can indicate to which survey the given notification relates;

  • „External key parameter” – the notification may include the external key parameter, on the basis of which the notification was sent (of course if such a parameter was included in the given survey). More information on the external_key parameter can be found in the separate article.

  • „Respondent e-mail access” – thanks to the insertion of this macro, you can immediately see from whom you have just received a fulfillment that meets your criteria;

  • „Answer in question 1” – depending on the number of questions in the survey, you will have the option of inserting the answer from a given question. Thanks to this, in the message you will see the answer given by the respondent in a given question, if this data were the most important for you;

  • „Link download completion” – in the message you will receive a link, where you will be able to immediately download the results of a given completion;

  • „Alert resignation link” – you can include in the message a link that will allow the recipient to notify you that they will not receive these alerts;

  • „Link of the completed sheet” – in the message you will receive a link that will allow the recipient to log into the site and be redirected to edit this sheet;

  • ” Survey authors email address” – if the notification is sent to a large group of recipients, you can include your email address in the message, so that the persons will know who ordered the sending of such alerts to them;

  • „Conditions name” – if you want the message to include the type of filter on the basis of which the notification is sent;

  • „Generation date” – you can place the date of the notification.

Click „save” and the system will confirm the notification notification configuration created by you.

In the above way, he can add a few or a dozen alerts.

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