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Removing incorrect survey completions (jokes, mistakes)
Removing incorrect survey completions (jokes, mistakes)
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Not every respondent honestly approaches the survey, so sometimes it is necessary to remove such a completing or to correct the answer. This enables the creation of reliable data analyzes in subsequent steps, and thus leads to the authentication of the test results. Incorrect completions are considered to include jokes, incomprehensible or incomplete content.

How can I remove incorrect completions?

  1. Click Results, then Responses.

  2. Select the response to be removed, flipping single completions with the Previous or Next button, or expanding the list of solutions and clicking the appropriate sheet number.

  3. To delete the currently viewed sheet (ie the one whose number you have chosen), click Remove sheet.

How do you change the incorrect completion?

  1. To edit individual response due to, for example, spelling errors that don’t look professional in the results you export, first go to the Results tab, then select the option „Responses”using the Previous button or Next, or using the drop-down list of solutions and click on the appropriate sheet number.

  2. When you find a individual response with an error, simply correct it by entering the correct form

  3. In order to save changes made to a individual sheet, you have to change the required content and then save them.

Worth to remember:

  • We can delete response at any time during the survey, as well as after its completion

  • Removing unreliable or not fully completed questionnaires is necessary to obtain reliable results in research

  • Changing the answer in the questionnaire allows to standardize the answers in open questions or to correct typos. E.g .: LondoN, LONDON, london

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