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How to generate a LIVE report? (Results 2.0)
How to generate a LIVE report? (Results 2.0)
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The LIVE report is a report in which the results are updated on an ongoing basis. To generate a LIVE summary report, go to Results 2.0 and click the Share button in the upper right corner.

The report sharing window will appear, with two options available - Private Link and Public Link.

The private link is available only to people logged in to the Startquestion and to whom a given project has been shared. To use it, click the Copy button.

If we want our report to be seen by other people who do not have an account or with whom we do not share the project, activate the checkbox on the right next to the Public link option. Then click the Copy button.

After copying, click the Done button. The copied link with the LIVE report can now be opened in the browser.

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