When conducting online research, you may find that there are more people in your business interested in the topic. Having access to the Startquestion platform, you can create a completely independent account for the implementation of research.

In addition, if necessary, you also have the option of sharing the survey with other people who have an account in the system. Remember that there are two options:

· read-only access to the questionnaire - where another person should only have access to the research,

· Make the survey available in full access - if you want to create a questionnaire together with another person and analyze the results.

How do I add a new account?

  1. In the main top menu, click Account, then Settings and User Accounts.

  2. In order to add a new user, click Add new account.

  3. In the form field, enter the e-mail address for which the account is to be created and confirm by clicking Save or Finish, to cancel the subscription.

  4. A notification about the creation of a new account will be sent to the e-mail address provided and a temporary password will be generated. (See how to change your password.)

    Read-only accounts - for read-only users

    In addition to creating accounts whose users will have access to all of the information stored there, you can also create a read-only account. Read-only users on their accounts will only be able to view data selected by you (for example, selected using a filter). To create such an account, click on Add new read-only account in the bottom left corner of the screen. The level of permissions for each account in relation to a specific survey can be set in the Share survey tab.

    As in the case of creating a standard account, in the form field enter the e-mail address for which the account is to be created and confirm your choice by clicking Save or Finish to cancel the saving.

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