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Sharing surveys between accounts
Sharing surveys between accounts
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It is possible to share questionnaires with other Webankieta users. One of the additional features of our platform allows even several users to access one questionnaire simultaneously. Questionnaires shared in this way can be available in Read Only or Full Access mode.

Share questionnaires

To share a survey with another user, select the survey from the list available at the top of the screen or the Projects tab. Then click on the Invite icon

Then follow the instructions on the screen.

  • select a person from the list

  • or enter the e-mail address of the person you want to invite to the project.

You can send an invitation to several people at the same time. Once you have selected people, you can choose what permissions you want them to have for the project:

Can edit the project

This access gives you the full ability to manage the survey. In this case, it is possible to access not only the results, but also the settings or the content of the survey itself, as well as to delete the survey or parts of it (pages, questions, etc.).

Can view the results

This is a limited access. A user who has been given access to the survey will only be able to view the questionnaire itself and the collected results. However, he will not be able to edit the survey, its content or form, or any of its settings.

Finally, click Invite.

The invited person will receive an email about the shared survey. He will see all his shared projects in the "Shared for me" folder.

Worth to remember:

  • To activate the possibility of sharing surveys, contact our sales department.

  • You can invite new people to the project if you have vacancies in your package. If you want to invite more people, please contact our sales department.

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