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Rankings are an option which allows you to compile all the answers from different types of questions (single-choice, multiple-choice, list-type questions, drag-and-drop (DnD) and single-choice matrix questions), data segments and tags with the NPS questions.

This function is especially useful when there is a need of comparing large amounts of data. For example, with the help of the rankings, you can create a list of products in an online store and sort them from the best rated (according to the NPS index) to the one that has the most critics. The rankings may also be useful for studies involving a large number of branches or employees. In a word - wherever we test using the Net Promoter Score method, there are many results and we have to compare them properly.

1. To create a ranking, go to the Results tab, and then to the Rankings in your account on the Startquestion's platform.

2. To start creating a ranking, click on: create a new ranking.

3. In the next step you can add the name of your ranking.

4. Then select which of the questions from your survey are to be put together in a ranking.

5. You can edit the ranking you have created at any time by changing its name or the compiled questions.

6. The data of each created ranking can be additionally filtered - in order to cut out, for example, the data from a given period, the data only for the NPS critics, etc. In order to choose the appropriate filter, go to the Rankings tab and select the ranking you want to filter and one of the previously created filters. Learn how to create filters from this article. After filtering, you can sort the results in terms of the NPS Score, Average LTR (which means, the average of the response values given by the respondents in the NPS) and Number of responses by clicking on the arrow next to the name of each column. Clicking once the results will sort from the highest to the lowest, and clicking again will display from the lowest to the highest.

7. The ranking created in this way and sorted according to your needs can be added to the report.

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