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The Startquestion platform is a solution not only for creating online questionnaires, but primarily for advanced analysis of the studies' results. Another feature which allows you to create even more accurate and tailored analyses for a given study is the trends. They allow the presentation of the study's results from three types of questions: NPS, assessment questions, and a single-choice matrix, in three time dimensions: weekly, monthly and quarterly.

How to create trends?

1. In the selected survey on the Startquestion user account, enter the Results tab and then the Trends tab.

2. To create a new trend, click on the Create new trend. We can also choose one of the existing trends - if we have previously created one for a given survey.

3. When creating a new trend, you should give it a name and decide on two parameters: the dimension (weekly, monthly or quarterly) and the question which will be used for the statement.

4. By clicking: Create a trend, in the case of choosing the NPS question, we generate a table and a graph containing a list of critics, neutral answers and promoters. Each column of the table (critics, neutral, NPS score, number of fillings) can be sorted freely, using the arrows next to the column's name.

5. When you hover the cursor over the created trend, you will be able to add it to the report.

6. In the last step you can choose a visualisation which you can add to the report and whether the tables should be added to a new report or an existing one.

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