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Cross tables are extremely useful when analysing the results. They allow you to observe the dependences between the two questions asked in the survey. The results are presented in the form of a table, in which the columns and rows form two selected questions with the possible answers. Each cell of the table indicates the number of the respondents giving a specific combination of answers.

1. Click on the Results tab and then click Cross tables (this will expand the menu for this function and the form fields for selecting cross-linked questions will appear next to the answers.

2. Then select "create a new cross table"

3. Select two questions from the list of the questions.

4. To create a cross table, click Create cross table.

5. In the table created in this way, checking the % formula field from a row or from a % column will display the percentage value of a given answer in relation to the entire row or column.

6. Clicking on Rotate the data (transport) will replace the question selected for the row with the question selected for the column and vice versa.

7. After hovering the cursor over the cross table result, the Add to report option (8) will appear in the upper right corner, which allows you to add the cross table to a new or existing report.

8. In the last step, you can choose a visualisation to add to the report and whether the tables should be added to a new report or to an existing one.

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