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A button to complete the survey - a sticked invitation
A button to complete the survey - a sticked invitation
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The survey on the website is displayed in the form of a window on the WWW as standard. However, we do not always want the survey to appear immediately after entering the website - the survey can be displayed only after clicking the button visible on the website - as shown in the picture:

In the lower right corner there is a button, after clicking which a survey appears in the form of a pop-up:

If you want to add such a button to your website, follow the steps listed below:

1. In the widget you created, go to the DESIGN tab

2. Choose the Minimize to button option

3. After selecting the above option, a field will appear which allows you to define the content displayed on the button - fill it up.

4. Define where the button should appear on your website with the help of the Position on the page section.

5. Add the widget code to your website using the instructions provided here

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