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The answer to the question can be found in the following questions
The answer to the question can be found in the following questions
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Thanks to this function, the answers selected by the respondent will be included in the content of the question you have indicated. Below you will find detailed instructions on what to do to use the provided answers in the next questions in the questionnaire.

How to refer to the answers from the previous question?

1. The sample content of the question, the answer of which will be used in the further part of the survey. Let us assume that we ask the respondent about the services of which mobile operator he/she is using.

2. As you can see in the attached picture, this is the first question in the survey.

3. We add question number two necessarily on the next page.

4. If we want to use the name of the company selected in question number 1 in the content of question number 2, we have two options for substituting the dynamically selected answer.

  • the first one is to add a macro named [ANS_1], where the digit is the question number. Unfortunately, this method has its drawbacks. If we want to change the order of the questions in the questionnaire, we must remember to change the number of the question in the macro which we used.

  • the second way is to dynamically place the answer from the question's editing level, where we select the "Dynamic content" button and in it we select "Answer in question No.". In this place we will have a substituted macro [ANS_ID_9090562], where the numbers represent the ID of the given question. Compared to the previous way, when sorting questions and moving them elsewhere in the survey, the ID of the question will never change. Therefore, it will not be necessary to correct the ID in the text of the question in which we want to present the previously given answer.

5. If we have already added a macro with a dynamic content in the content of the question, when filling in the survey, assuming that the respondent chooses the answer "BMW", the content of the question will look like this:

6. What will happen when the respondent does not find a suitable company but enters his own answer?

7. The company selected by the respondent will be included in the further part of the survey

What is worth remembering?

We can only refer to the answers contained in the single-choice questions

  • A question which uses the [ANS_X] or [ANS_ID_X] tag cannot be on the same page as the source question or the preceding pages. This question must always be on the following pages of the questionnaire.

  • At we have additional methods for the dynamic content and a cafeteria of questions. Find out more in the article about respondent's labels, and in the article about the dynamic cafeteria.

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