If your first question in the survey is a single-choice question or a NPS question, the content of the question will be automatically substituted for the invitation.

For a sample survey

The content of the invitation looks as follows:

For an NPS question, it will look as follows:


Don't like our invitation templates? Would you like to present the answers in a different form?

If you are preparing the invitation in HTML format and everything is almost ready, but you need to attach responses to the graphic elements.

Let's say that you would like to insert four html icons instead of four answers, then to the a href tag you should add PREFILL macro instead of the link. The prefill form would be [PREFILL] as follows:q1 = 1

The link to the survey will be substituted under the [PREFILL] macro, while the q parameter is the number of the question, its value is the number of the answer.
So in the above example, the macro is a link to the first answer to the first question.

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