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Testing the survey before starting it
Testing the survey before starting it
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After constructing the questionnaire, it is worth checking it in terms of the correct order of questions or pages, catching "typos" and other errors. It is also worth checking the content of the questions and the correctness of redirects between pages / answers. It is also a great opportunity to look at the created sheet from the perspective of the examined person.

Thus, the test completion of the survey allows to avoid the shortcomings and imperfections of the created survey, proving the professionalism of the researcher.

How to finally check the correctness of my survey?

1. After you finish creating the survey (this means, after adding all the questions, setting their order, redirecting between them, etc.) click "Create", and then "Survey preview". Then choose which device view would you like to test. This will open the created sheet.

2. When we have more than one page of the survey, after selecting the device, we will be able to indicate the page number from which we want to start.

3. Complete the questionnaire (it is necessary to select all the answers which were marked as required when creating the survey) and click Send.

4. To return to editing the current survey in order to correct errors found while filling it in, click the "Create" tab.

5. Correct the places where you made a mistake.

What is worth remembering?

  • After the test completion of the survey, the results collected in this way do not appear in the collective results of the survey.

  • Validation is a very important procedure because it allows you to avoid mistakes and increase the user-friendliness of the survey.

  • Validating the survey should be performed before starting the collection of results, but we can also perform this procedure when the survey is active, and also after the collection of the results (if, for example, we would like to use the survey in further studies).

  • Only a logged-in person from the management panel can perform the test. If you want to send a survey to a third party, you must send him/her a link to the survey. (See how ot do it)

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