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Sending of the invitations to the survey
Sending of the invitations to the survey
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This function allows you to send an invitation to participate in the survey to your own database of respondents (for example, the employees working in our company or contractors), which means, people to whom we have an e-mail address. Sending invitations from the tool makes it possible to later monitor whether individual respondents read the message, clicked the survey link or even completed the questionnaire.

How do I send a survey to my list of respondents?

  • Click Share tab and then send i e-mail.

You can add respondents to your shipment in 2 ways:

1. By importing your own list from a file saved on your computer's hard drive

2. By manually entering individual addresses.

Send to the imported list

  • Click Import from a file.

  • then "Select the CSV or XLSX file from the disk".


In order for the list to be correctly imported, it is recommended to save it in the .csv or .xlsx formats, the first line should include the label "E-mail", and the e-mail addresses of each respondent should be on a separate line - according to the provided formula.
Remember that in addition to e-mail addresses, the file may also contain any labels defining the respondent's data. Each label can be placed in a separate column of the imported file. These labels and their associated data will be automatically added to your contact list.

  • Click "Add" to confirm the list.

  • If this step has been completed, you can proceed to step 2, in which you will learn how to send the invitations to the imported list.

Sending after manually entering the contacts

  • Click the "Enter manually" button,

  • Click "Finish" to end entering the contacts manually.

  • Then put your e-mail address in the form field and confirm it by selecting "Add". Click "Finish" to end entering the contacts manually.

Continue sending - Step 2:

1. If an address was incorrectly added or you want to remove the respondent, click the trash can located next to him.

2. To delete the entire list, click "Delete All".

3. You can save the finished list on your computer in the XLSX format by clicking the "Export to XLSX" or in the CSV "Export to CSV".

4. Click the "Configure Sending" button at the bottom of the page to start creating the content of the invitation.

5. Select the type of sending in the form field and click "Next" or "Back" to return to the previous menu.

6. In the last step, you will be able to define the content of the invitation. First, you can create new invitations or select the existing ones.

7. In the next field you can define the Sender of your message:

8. By default, in the "Sender's E-mail" field the e-mail address of will appear. This address can be changed by setting your own mail server for sending.

9. In the next field you can set the subject of your invitation:

10. If the first question in your survey is a single-choice question or a NPS question, you can choose the form of the invitation "First question of the survey in the invitation text". Thanks to this, the content of the first question will be automatically added to the content of the invitation along with the answers and the respondent will be able to proceed to filling in the survey after selecting any answer.

For example:

11. If the "Link to the survey in the invitation" option is selected, the respondent will go to the questionnaire by clicking on the link:

12. In the next stage of creating the invitation, you can change the content as you like

13. By clicking on the "Source code" you can insert any HTML mailing template.

14. From the drop-down field, you can also insert the dynamic content (such as the individual information about the respondent) about which we write more in a separate article.

15. In the next step, you can preview what your invitation template will look like in the end. In this step you can also disable our message template and use your own HTML code.

16. In this step you will define when you want to send the invitation.

17. If your message template is ready, you can save it for the future mailings and finally click the "SEND" button.

What is worth remembering?

  • The monitoring of the receipt of the invitations and survey fillings is illustrative. It can always happen that the respondent completes the survey after copying the link to the browser. However, for the measurement to be effective, it is necessary to click on the link.

  • The iformation about the mailing source will be attached to each message. Each respondent will have the right to unsubscribe from the subsequent mailings.

  • The finished list, downloaded to the computer's hard drive, contains the respondent's e-mail, token and a link to the survey. It also contains information on the current status of completing the survey by the individual respondents.

  • If you have access by personal link for each respondents set, links are valid for 90 days from the time of the sending. However, you can reduce this period in the survey settings in the "Set links expiration date" option.

  • If you plan to send a reminder in the future to the respondents who have not completed the survey yet , the mailing will be sent to those who did not complete the survey at the time of sending.

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