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Adding multimedia to the content of the question
Adding multimedia to the content of the question
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Thanks to this function, you can place various types of multimedia - photos, videos or sound files in the content of the question or answers. This makes completing the survey more attractive. It is also a tool thanks to which we have the opportunity to present the respondent with more information for evaluation. After all, it is an opportunity to achieve specific study objectives - requiring the use of multimedia (for example, research on television advertising).

How to add a video from YouTube?

1. Before you start adding videos from YouTube you must have an account on this website, as well as upload videos which you want to use in the survey.

2. Then, when adding a question (See how to add a question) click the icon

to access the advanced edition of the question or answer.

3. To add a video from YouTube, click YOUTUBE on the advanced Q&A edit menu.

4. In the form field, paste the link to the video from the website and confirm the changes by selecting Insert.

How to add an image?

1. To add an image, select Inster image in the advanced editing menu.

2. To add an image located in the Internet, click From URL, and then paste the image URL into the form field (this address is obtained by right-clicking on the image and selecting Copy image URL).

3. Confirm the changes by clicking Insert, or Cancel if you decided to cancel the changes made.

4. To add an image from the disc, in the advanced editing menu, select - as in the previous step.

5. Click From disc, then select the file and specify the location of the image on your computer disc, then confirm the changes by selecting Insert.

How to add an HTML content?

1. If you need a specially formatted question look, you can add it in an HTML format. Click on the "Source code" icon.

2. In the window, insert your HTML code (styled content or iframe). Confirm the whole process with the OK button.

3. Important information - displaying an iframe requires special account permissions. Please contact us for more information.

What is worth remembering?

  • Remember to choose the right picture size. If you post a too large one, the poll may not be displayed correctly. On the other hand, if you choose a too small one, it may be unreadable for the respondent.

  • The size of the image uploaded from the computer's own hard drive cannot exceed 2 MB.

  • You can use photos from your computer or refer directly to photos posted on the Internet.

  • Adding media can be done while creating a question, or after the completion, when re-editing.

  • Sounds, graphics and videos can be added to all questions, regardless of their type.

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