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Copying an answer from another question
Copying an answer from another question
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This function allows you to copy the question cafeteria which we have already created in another question to a newly created question. This speeds up the survey creation process. It is also convenient, because we do not have to enter the same statements again in the individual fields of the form. The most common use is to copy scales (for example, Very important, Important, Medium important, Never mind, Absolutely unimportant), which we include as answers to many similar questions.

How to copy answers from a previously added question?

Proceed as for creating each new question:

1. Go to the Create tab.

2. In the questions menu, click: Add a question or text.

3. From the list of Available Questions, select the type you are interested in (See which question to choose).

4. In the Edit question menu, click Copy answers from another question and then using the button select the answer cafeteria you use in another question.

5. Click Insert so that the selected answers appear in the form field of the currently created question.

6. To save the changes made, click Save.

What is worth remembering?

  • You can copy answers from questions in the same survey or other surveys from your account

  • Copying the cafeteria of previously created answers is possible only for single and multiple-choice closed questions, single and multiple matrix questions and questions with a drop-down list.

  • It is worth using previously created answers if both types of questions (the one from which you copy and the one for which you duplicate the answers) are of the same type.

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