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Survey address which is easy to remember
Survey address which is easy to remember
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The address of the survey is like its business card. This is the first point of contact of the respondent with the questionnaire itself. So the address should encourage to complete it – it can’t be too long or complicated.

On the Startquestion platform, we enable creating a link to the survey in the so-called subdomain, i.e. at the address: This isn’t the only domain available to users. The survey can also be placed in other domains – for example you company domain.

How to create a proper survey address?

  1. After creating the survey, go to the Share tab, and then click Survey Link.

  2. In the „Name” field enter, for example: company name or survey title, e.g .:, „feedbacksurvey"

  3. The next step is to choose the domain in which we want our survey to be found. We choose the domain for our example.

4. After selecting the appropriate domain, click the „Generate Link” button. Finally, in the „Survey link” field will appear our alternative link to the study.

5. The alternative link we generate can be deleted at any time by clicking „Delete link”.

Worth to remember:

  • Subdomains are available to all Startquestion users, so it may happen that the selected address will already be taken by another user. In this situation, this message will appear at the top of the screen „The selected address is already taken.” We recommend checking availability in a different domain or simply choosing a different name.

  • The short link should not contain more than 20 characters. If this number is exceeded and you will try to generate a link, the message will appear: „The address provided is too long. Maximum length up to 20 characters

  • If you want to place a survey in your company’s domain, please read this article.

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