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Monitoring the progress of completing the survey
Monitoring the progress of completing the survey
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This option gives you the opportunity to track the progress of completing the survey by specific people, invited by e-mail or in person (with use of printed tokens). With this function, we can check whether a survey has already been sent to a given person, whether the respondent has opened the questionnaire and whether he or she has already completed it.

Furthermore, this feature also allows you to monitor your mailing campaign with an invitation to complete a survey. Thanks to this, we know which respondents have not yet completed the survey or who started completing but did not finish the process. Therefore, we know at the same time to whom people should be re-sent the invitation to participate in the study.

It is very important that such accurate monitoring is possible only when choosing individual link options for each respondent.

How can you check if a person has actually completed our survey?

There are two ways to check if a specific respondent has completed our survey. The choice of the method depends on the way the survey link was provided to respondents:

– sending by e-mail,

– by tokens printout.

Checking the progress of collecting results using the Distribution to email tab

If we sent respondents our questionnaire to their email address (See how to do it), we can check the progress of completing the survey on an ongoing basis by following these steps:

1. Click Share and then Send via email

2. At each of the addresses to which the survey was sent, there is information about the Status of its dispatch and its completion. If the questionnaire has already been completed by a given person, the green icon appears in the row for a specific respondent in the column. If it is not present, it means that the survey has not been completed yet (similar icons are visible in the columns regarding sending and opening the survey).

3. We can search for a person by entering their e-mail address in the form field and clicking the magnifying glass.

4. To facilitate analysis, you can use the export of this information to XLSX or CSV.

Tracking progress when collecting results using the Custom distribution tab (printing tokens)

If we have passed our questionnaire directly to the respondents, using a list of printed tokens (See how to print tokens), we can check the status of completed forms on an ongoing basis by following the steps below:

1. Click Share and then Custom Distribution.

2. Similarly to the method presented above, in the Custom distribution menu (token printout) a table with data of persons to whom the token was transferred is visible, but this time containing identifiers (e.g. customer ID), not email addresses, information on completing surveys, by a specific respondent, as evidenced by the green stamp in the column and row of interest to us. Its absence means that the questionnaire has not yet been opened or completed.

3. A person can be searched by entering their identifier in the form field and clicking the magnifying glass.

4. We can also export data to XLSX or CSV and thus check the status of the survey or not by a given person.

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