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Below we will show you some tips that will facilitate the clear and aesthetic presentation of online research results in the form of reports.

Report appearance

By default, each newly created report downloads a logo and colors from the active project skin. This solution has been designed to speed up the work on the report. However, don’t worry – if you need to change the logo or the color of the report, the settings of the active design skin won’t be overwritten to every project on your account.

In addition, you can also set the shade of the graphs consistent with the identification of your company or brand. However, if your report contains a lot of results presented in the chart, we recommend using the default color palette.

To do all of those changes You should go to Reports tab and this option will display on the left, next to main menu, while creating new report or editing existing one.

Sorting chapters and content

If you want to change the position of results, contents or entire chapters, use the buttons located in the upper left corner of each chapter.

After selecting the sorting option, change the order of elements in the report by “drag and drop” option.

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