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Commenting on or deepening the answer
Commenting on or deepening the answer
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This feature allows the respondent to refer to his answer, deepen or comment on it. Therefore, apart from quantitative results, we also obtain qualitative results, which gives an in-depth picture of the studied field.

Where can we use deepening and commenting of the answer given by respondents?

  1. In the single-choice and multiple-choice questions, you can use deepening of the answers. You can do it by adding the answer: „other: which/what/how?

  2. The same type of deepening answers can be used for the answers in the single-choice matrix question and the multiple-choice matrix question.

  3. The comments for the answer given can only be used in the single-choice matrix question.

How to allow respondents to deepen their answers?

1. When adding a question (See article: how to add a question), check the box in the form field: Own answer. Add such an option to those items in relation to which the respondent will be able to speak more broadly when terminating the survey.

2. You can decide that it is mandatory to enter your own reply in the counter. You mark this option on the right.

3. Confirm changes by clicking Save.

4. After making the above changes, respondents while solving a given question will get the opportunity to deepen it by entering their comment on the answer to the answer in the field.

How to allow respondents to justify/comment their answers?

1. In the edition of the single-choice matrix question, in the Additional options form section, choose: Option to deepen or justify answers.

2. In the field for the Respondent’s Instruction Form, enter the information that will appear when providing in-depth answers.

3. Mark the items in relation to which the respondent will be able to speak more broadly when completing the survey.

4. In the Additional options section you can specify that entering your own answer will be mandatory.

5. Confirm changes by clicking Save.

6. As a result of the changes, the respondent will be able to respond to them in accordance with the instructions provided in the form field when providing answers.

Worth to remember:

  • You can allow the respondent to deepen only one of the most interesting answers from those that are available to choose, or any of the possible alternatives.

  • An additional option is the option of forcing the mandatory dredging.

  • The respondents’ ability to deepen answers is only available for single and multiple-choice closed questions and single-choice matrix questions.

  • Adding options for deepening the answer can take place when creating a question, or after its completion, while you want to re-edit it.

  • You can apply in-depth answers and justification/comment in one single-choice matrix question.

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