14-day free trial period
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By choosing a free trial period you have the opportunity to check all the functionalities available in the Startquestion.com system. You can create a questionnaire, collect answers and analyze results. The only limitation is access to 20 fills in your survey.

How it’s working?

  • For 14 days you have access to all functionalities available in your Business or Enterprise account.

  • You can collect any number of responses in your surveys.

  • Until you pay for your account, you’ll only see the first 20 completions.

  • You can pay for your account at any time during the trial period and your account will be activated exactly for the period it has been bought.

  • After paying the account, you have access to all the results collected during the trial period and to all the functionalities of the Business or Enterprise package.

  • If you do not pay your account, it is not deleted. Your surveys will become inactive and will be frozen in your account until you make a payment.

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