We recommend that you periodically change the access password to protect your account against unauthorized changes by third parties. You can make changes at any time, as long as you have access to the inbox of the e-mail address for which the account is registered

How to change the login password?

  1. In the top main menu, click Account (1). This will display a form from which you should select the option: Settings (2).

  1. In the field "Your data" (3), first enter your old password (4), and then enter the new password twice (5).

  2. To confirm the introduced changes, click Save (6).

  1. Log out and log back in to check if the new password is working properly.

What you should remember about:

  • If you do not remember your old password, or you do not have one because you registered using Facebook, use this form to generate a new password.

  • It is recommended that the password consists of both upper and lower case letters and numbers. This is to increase security.

  • For the changes to be saved, the your e-mail form field cannot be left blank.

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