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Startquestion offers several possibilities of data export from a survey, test or form. For further analysis in Excel, two are useful: CSV and XLSX. The advantage of the latter format is that it is a native Microsoft Excel format and you can start analysing the data immediately after opening the file. The downside is that especially in the case of longer surveys, it takes a long time to generate - much longer than a CSV file. Therefore, we usually recommend exporting a CSV file, importing it into Excel and changing it to an XLSX file. The entire process takes only about a minute.

We have already written about how to export the results in our guide. Below is the instruction to change the CSV file to XLSX. It was developed on the basis of Microsoft Excel 2013.

1. First, select the entire first column of the downloaded file (1),

2. Then select the "Data" section (2) and "Text as columns" (3),

3. Next, check the "Separator" box (4) and go to "Next" (5),

4. In the following part, select the characters that separate columns with data. In our case, it will be "Comma" (6) and then select the "Finish" option (7).

5. If you want, you can also change the width of the columns to show all the content in the cells. To do this, select all columns (8), and then select the "Format" option (9), and the "Auto-fit column width" option (10),

6. Remember to save your file in xlsx file extension.

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