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Import/Export of test results to SPSS
Import/Export of test results to SPSS
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SPSS is a statistical package making it possible to create a detailed regression analysis, analysis of variance or correlation in the set of collected data. Therefore, it is an advanced computer program used for a detailed analysis of the results of a given study.

Data export to SPSS format:

It makes it possible to download the collected results to the computer drive in a format supported by the SPSS program. Due to the above, you can analyse the collected results in a very advanced and convenient way, and at the same time draw more conclusions about the tested sample.

How to transfer data to SPSS ?

1. After collecting the data, go to the Results tab and then to the Results.

2. Click Export, and then from the list of available formats, click SPSS - it will convert the results to the desired format.

3. Decide if you want to download completed data or all data (including unfinished data).

4. Confirm the action by selecting Download or cancel it by clicking Cancel.

How to properly open an SPSS file.

  1. An extremely important element that is responsible for the correct reading of the SPSS file on a computer is to set an absolute location path, thanks to which SPSS knows where to look for the database file.

  2. By default, does not substitute any path to the file, only its name (1). In the *.sps file comments, you can see how a sample path should look like. (1)

3. If you do not lead your computer the right way - in this case the absolute path to the data file - SPSS will not generate the SAV file. In the image below you can see the filename preceded by the absolute path to the file. In this case, it is to Piotrek's desktop in the Mac OS X operating system.

4. If you performed the previous action in the same way, you should act in the same way at the end of your file. Here the location where the resulting file will be saved is indicated*.SAV (3)

5. Now you can start processing files by the SPSS program by clicking Run and then All (4) in the program menu.

6. After finishing compilation of the *.SAV file, it should appear in the same directory as the input *.SPS and *.DAT files. SAV file

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