It makes it possible to update the email address used to log into the website. Changing the email address is useful if the person managing the account in the company changes or if you want to receive communication from the website to a different email address.

How do I change my login email?

  1. In the top main menu, click Account (1) and then Settings (2).

  2. On the screen displayed, select your data on the left (3)

  3. Then enter your new email address in the Login data form field (4) where the currently used email address is visible. You can also change the name.

  4. To confirm the changes, click Save (5).

5. At this time, the system will send a message confirming the change of the email address. Check your mailbox and click on the link confirming the change of address.

Things to remember:

  • If the changes are not approved via the link received in the new address, then logging in will take place using the old email address.

  • The Login data form field also allows you to change the login password.

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