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The link to your survey may have a very different form. In the platform, your questionnaires can be available:

Where can I find my survey link?

  1. To find a link to the already created survey, go to the „Share” tab.

  2. Then select the „Survey link” option.

  3. The link to the survey is located in the field next to the menu.

  4. You can copy this link, then use the simple key combination: ctrl + v – to paste it into the browser window.

  5. You can also view the survey by selecting the option „Preview survey”.

How to create a short link to the survey?

  1. You should go again to the „Share” tab.

  2. Than You choose the „Survey link” section.

  3. In the „Name” field, enter, for example, the name of the company or the title of the study, e.g.: „feedbacksurvey"

  4. The next step is to choose the domain in which we want our survey to be found. There are one domain available in the platform and it’s

5. After selecting the domain, click on the „Generate link” button. Finally, our alternative research link will appear in the „Survey link” field.

A company link, or a link with the name of your subdomain.

Would you like your survey to be embedded in a different domain than available on our site? You can easily connect it, for example, to your organization’s domain. This is mainly aimed at increasing the credibility of the questionnaire in the eyes of respondents. The way, how to delegate your own domain, you willi find here.

Worth to remember:

  • Placing a survey in the domain of your own organization is available only to holders of Enterprise and VIP accounts. The new account, you can activate any time, just contact our Consultant :).

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