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Cross Tabulation (Beta Results)
Cross Tabulation (Beta Results)
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Cross tabulations allow you to easily draw conclusions between two survey questions.
With cross tabulations, you can analyze results depending on different conditions or factors.

Question crossover is possible for NPS, Rating, Single Choice, Multiple Choice and Single Choice Matrix questions.

How to create cross tabulation?

To add cross tabulation in Beta Results, click the Add comparison icon. It is available before and after each question.

Click on Cross Tabulation

Options will appear in the window on the right from which you can select Data Range.
From the first list, select the question you want to analyze.

In the next step, select the second question to compare.

A chart will appear showing relationships between questions.

There are small arrows in each table column that you can use to sort the data.

In the options you can also change the design and color of the chart and decide whether to display the chart with a table or just the chart or table. Depending on the type of question, there are different ways of presenting the results.

If you want only some responses from a given question to be displayed on the chart, click on the response located in the chart legend, it will be crossed out and removed from the chart.

For matrix or rating questions, the table also includes a weighted average.

How to save cross tabulation?

Created cross tabulation can be saved as a report. To do this, click the Save As button in the upper right corner.

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