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Specificity of Data Entrustment
Specificity of Data Entrustment
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Updated over a week ago is a platform for creating online surveys, including any forms that collect data (including personal data) from respondents.

With Startquestion, users can collect any type of data (including personal data) using a form - there are no limitations here. Users can ask their respondents for names, surnames, email addresses, PESEL numbers, age, etc. The Startquestion platform is unable to automatically control (restrict) the questions that will appear in the questionnaire because it is freely constructed by the author (the platform user) for purposes defined by the user themselves. Therefore, similar to the definition of Personal Data as mentioned in the GDPR, we do not create a closed catalog of Personal Data that may be entrusted to us. Only the data controller (Data Administrator, ADO) knows what data they will entrust to us for processing. It is the data controller who determines the purposes and means of data processing, including the categories of individuals and the scope of data processed on the Startquestion platform.

However, it is also their responsibility to ensure that they entrust us with this data in accordance with the GDPR.

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