What are 'Beta' Results?
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'Beta' results is a new analytical module, which was created on the basis of the current reporting module located in the Results tab.

Why 'BETA'? This module is still under development. However, we would like to share with you its functions and possibilities, thanks to which you will be able to analyze data and generate reports from your projects.

Easier analysis of results

The new 'Beta' Results tab was created for our users who want to quickly and effectively analyze their results and prepare their presentation.

Now all data is grouped in one place, which allows for instant comparison. You no longer have to switch between tabs to find the information you need.

Many functions in one place

'Beta' results not only make it easier to access results, but also provide many features that were previously available in separate tabs:

  • preview of all collected responses - even unfinished ones, so you don't have to change the view to see the responses of all respondents

  • filtering results - there are many filters available that will make working with the results much easier

  • sorting answers in the table - you can choose in what order you want to show the answers

  • editing the appearance of charts - change the type of displayed chart and adjust its colors to your preferences

  • link to share your results - you no longer need to create a report so that your team can monitor the progress of the study, just click share link

  • report creator - you can quickly create a new report or edit an already saved one

  • downloading the report - ability to save in PDF format

You can manage your analyses, reports, and settings using one intuitive interface.

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