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The new look of Startquestion panel
The new look of Startquestion panel

In this article you can read about changes in navigation and system structure

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We have good news for you: soon Startquestion platform will gain a new navigation. 🥳 Based on our Users' feedback, we have refreshed the panel structure and changed the layout of functions and information.

Our goal is to make it easy and intuitive to navigate our system, so that you can easily find the functions you need even with your eyes closed. 😉

Your comfort is our top priority. That's why we're changing!

We tested the new navigation with clients, asking for feedback on the clarity of category names and ease of finding specific information and functions. The changes we made were positively received, so we will soon implement them for all Users. 💚

What will change?

Main menu

The main menu in the panel will be divided into three categories: Create, Share, and Results, and also moved to the top of the panel.

💡The new division is designed to guide you through the key stages of conducting a survey, regardless of your experience in creating surveys.


This tab will include creating questions, as well as other options related to survey configuration, such as: Design, Settings, Notifications, Feedback and Quotas.

💡 After the changes, all functions related to creating a survey will be found in one place.


In this tab, as before, you will find ways to send the survey to your respondents: Email distribution, Survey link, Website, Own distribution, API, and Webhooks.

💡 The contents of this tab remain unchanged.


In the Results tab, you will find all functions related to analyzing results and reporting.

Top bar

Thanks to the new look of the top bar, you will have all the most important functions at your fingertips. In addition to the main navigation categories, you will also find a link to all projects, a list with the option to select a project, information on who the survey is shared with, downloaded files, Help, and Account.

But first things first 👇

Projects and project selection list

You can quickly access all your projects by clicking on the Projects link or the Startquestion sign in the upper left corner.

Many of our clients prefer to use the list, so this function remains unchanged in the top part of the screen.

You can search the list by project name. Here you will also find a link to all projects and the ability to create a new project.

Sharing the survey and inviting to a team

In the upper right corner, you will find the ability to share the survey and add new people to your team.

Avatars with the first letter of the name are the people who have access to the project.


In the upper right corner, you will also find files downloaded by you (e.g., raw files, result reports). Downloaded files always relate to the selected project. If you want to download a file from another survey, select the appropriate project from the list and click on the Downloads icon.


In the upper right corner, you will also find Help, which provides quick links to our guide, contact, or blog.


In the upper right corner, you will find account settings, account renewal, and logout.

Startquestion is changing for you

We hope that the new navigation will make it easier for you to collect feedback and analyze high-quality data. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the changes in the panel, please feel free to contact us.

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