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How do I protect a survey with a one link for everyone from re-filling?
How do I protect a survey with a one link for everyone from re-filling?
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The survey, which is available to each respondent under the same link, can be protected against re-filling by the same respondent using the USER TOKEN parameter and the use of two surveys.

This will be presented on the basis of the event registration survey.

In the first survey, the respondent should be asked for some data that will identify him/her. For example, this could be a customer number or e-mail address.

Then, create a second survey in which the respondent will be able, for example, to choose one of the dates of the event or leave other data.

The next step will be to copy the link to the second survey and paste it into the redirect after completing the first survey.

Exactly like this:

The USER TOKEN parameter with the respondent's answer should be added to this link.

In order to find the ID number of the answer, enter the thank you screen in the first survey and select the answer to the question about the e-mail address from Tags:

Then, copy the answer macro from the question about the e-mail address and paste it into the redirection url together with the USER TOKEN parameter.

In this particular case, the link will be as follows:[ANS_ID_12594292]

In the second survey (to which we redirect the respondent) there are only two things left to do. First, set the survey availability level at the level of an individual link for each respondent.

Secondly, it is also worth adjusting the appropriate message in a situation where someone will try to complete the survey more than once.

Done - we've just secured the survey with a general link for everyone from re-filling the same person.

If the same respondent tries to fill it out again, the following message will appear:

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