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New Results and Reports
New Results and Reports
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Why are we changing the Results and Reports?

We know that the analysis and presentation of the results is one of the most important stages of the research. We’ve received valuable feedback from our clients about what works in the Results and Reports and what we should work on. We took these words to heart and got down to work!

Our goal is that Startquestion will be the most outstanding support for you in making decisions, and the results of your research will not go to the drawer. That is why we want to make it easier for you to analyze the results and involve others in your organization in learning from the data you've collected.

What's new in the Results and the Reports?

  • Quick link to your results that you can share with others - you no longer need to create a report for your team or project stakeholders to monitor the study's results. Click share, activate the link, and it's ready!

  • The new look - we have refreshed the appearance of charts and tables to present your research results better and engage your audience. E.g., we've reduced the colors in the charts, as long as they do not support a better understanding of the data.

  • Sorting the results in the table -now, in each table with the results, you can choose the order in which you want to show the answers, e.g., from the one with the highest average.

  • No attachments to the report - no more attachments that many of our customers complained about. Now all in-depths (e.g., for the question "Other. Which one?") for answers will be displayed immediately below the question, and you can show or hide them, both in the panel and in the online report.

  • All survey fillings visible by default - you no longer need to change the view to see all respondents' answers. Thanks to this change, it will soon be possible to filter, create cross tables or download unfinished fills to the file.

And what’s next? Improved performance of the results, easier data filtering, and data crossing, changing the chart types and colors, creating and sharing multiple views with results, and a lot more coming soon!

These are just some of the new features that we are planning and will be adding over time 🙌

What does BETA mean?

Beta in the IT world means an incomplete version of the end product, in which not all of the intended and planned functions are already available. We decided to implement Results in such a version because we want to enable you to use what we've already built as soon as possible and get your feedback early on.

Where to find BETA Results?

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Go to the Results tab, then BETA results.

  3. Tadam! 🥳 Be sure to let us know what you think!

Can I suggest a change?

Of course! We can’t wait to read (or hear) it! Please send us feedback with a website survey available in the Results Beta tab. All suggestions will be read & analyzed 😍.

Who has access to the BETA Results?

Due to technical limitations, BETA results are currently available only for surveys that meet the following criteria:

  • have only Single choice or Multiple choice questions, Open-ended questions or a Single choice matrix,

  • have less than 1000 fillings.

Accounts that are on a 14-day trial period and that use the START plan also do not have access to the BETA version.

If your survey meets all these criteria, and you still do not see the results, be sure to contact us on chat or write to us at

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